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Summa Artium was established at the end of 2003, with the aim of boosting sponsorship and support for the arts from the corporate and private sector, and to promote the cause of arts and business partnerships and private support for the arts in general.

By support we mean all forms of support to and investment into the arts from private sources, and business partnership with the arts, including sponsorship and support given in return for services and communications and sales promotion aims, cultural events organized for business partners and colleagues, establishing art collections, and maecenature (donation) without compensation as well as the help of experts who spend their time and expertise on culture. The main aim is to help culture and the arts by the creation of mutually beneficial arts and business partnerships, which result in additional revenues for the arts and success in business goals. We also work with individuals who provide financial or expert support for the arts.

How we position Summa Artium

Summa Artium is a not-for profit business consultancy. However, in the case of arts and business, profit earning and serving our mission are in most cases very closely interlinked. We work with businesses and individual donors to serve the arts world in a way that will make businesses and donors happy.

Main activity areas

1)    Advice, expert and financial services to businesses that partner with, or individuals who support the arts.
2)    Programmes and publications to promote the case of arts and business partnerships.
3)    Within the frames of our Fundus Program we operate private funded donor advised or designated funds and foundations. By the end of 2021 12 funds operate actively, for example the Krisztina Polgár Memorial Fund that supports theatre innovation and arts related equal chances projects, the Musical Instrument Fund that lends master instruments to early career artists, the Kiraly Istvan Fund that supports literary achievements or the Trust for Mutual Understanding Regional Fund, that supports cultural mobility and cooperation projects in the CEE region.
4)  Within our Portfolio we operate cultural projects, such as the Fortepan Photo Archive, the Budapest Cultural Observatory or the Budapest monthly.

Main results

Since we started operations early 2004, we have been involved in more than 500 projects, resulting more than HUF 1 billion ( ~ EUR 2,630,000) income for the arts until December 2021.

Networks that Summa Artium is actively involved in

In 2013-2015 Summa Artium joins six other European arts and business organizations to further explore new possibilities of arts and business partnerships. The project was realized with support from the Culture Programme of the European Commission.

Summa Artium regularly cooperates with the European Festivals Association (EFA).

Summa Artium is a member of the Self Regulating Body of Ethical Fundraising Organisations.

The Persons Behind Summa Artium

Summa Artium Board:

András Török Chairman, Katalin Spengler, Gabor Kornai, Imre Barna, Zsuzsa Gyimesi 


István Arnold Director, Andrea Szűcs Project Manager, Barbara Kajtár Office Manager and Csilla Gyöngy Financial Manager

Project co-ordinators:

Fortepan: Miklós Tamási, Budapest Cultural Observatory: Péter Inkei, The Budapest monthly: Péter Buza

For more information please contact us at or +361-3183938.